Girl Up! November 07 2016

We are so excited to announce our official 2016 sponsorship with Girl Up, A United Nations Foundation Charity.  Girl Up engages girls to stand up for girls, empowering each other and changing our world. Led by a global community of passionate advocates changing policies and raising funds to support United Nations programs, their efforts help the hardest to reach girls living in places where it is hardest to be a girl.

That means that when someone buys this fun, beautiful and playful necklace, they support the empowerment of girls all over the globe.

Spread the word and thank you for your support of Kisstletoe®!

Want to learn more? Check them out yourself!

Christmas in July! July 18 2016

I never really went for that concept, but here I am - all involved in a Holiday product - so suddenly it makes sense!

There's been quite a bit of sadness and violence in the world lately.  Its hard to watch the news.  I really hope that as a society, as a people, we can unify against hatred and turn to love.  Life is so very short and so very precious.  And everyone truly wants the same thing - to live, to love, to be happy.

No one is totally right, and no one is totally wrong.  We all just have to make a collective decision to choose peace and love.

Share joy and light!  All year round!



The response has been overwhelming! December 13 2015

We are so thankful for the overwhelming response to our beautiful pendant. I always believed it was lovely, but it is so gratifying to have that validated by others!

Kisstletoe® is handmade. Each one goes through multiple stages before it's ready to wear. 

First we harvest, then we trim, then we dry. Next we preserve, then we trim again, then we cap and clean. Finally we attach it to a necklace and send it off to you! 

We are brand new and small. We are very excited for the upcoming year. You can help us get traction and noticed by following us on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram. 

Don't forget The Malala Fund! We will update you on everything going on with that amazing organization as well as how Kisstletoe® pendants contribute to that cause.

Thank you so very very much!


Susan Winkie - Owner/inventor Kisstletoe®

Why bottle mistletoe? October 19 2015

So why bottle mistletoe? That is a really good question.  Kisstletoe® uses the two parts of my brain that come naturally to me - creativity and business. 

I'm an artist. I like circles.  I like color.  I often work with resin.  Mistletoe is just a lovely tradition - so when I dreamed up the idea to create a necklace of preserved mistletoe...and then followed that with the name Kisstletoe® - well I knew it was special, unique and brand new.


As a business woman, I thought - this could actually work! I may have underestimated how challenging it would be to bring this product to market, but boy have I learned - and I learn something new every day.  That's exciting!

The other great thing was it gave me the ability to do something I've always promised myself I would do - which is to be part of the movement to empower women - all over the world. I feel so strongly about how women are treated and oppressed in so many parts of our planet.  Many simply do not have a voice. Many do not have an education. Many are abused and mistreated. Young girls are married at crazy young ages.  I could go on and on about the atrocities and horror - but instead I am focused on selling Kisstletoe® so we can give back.

 We chose The Malala Fund. The primary purpose of that organization is as follows:

 Secure the right for all girls to receive a minimum of 12 years of quality education.

I am convinced that if women were treated the same as men, and afforded the same rights, privileges and opportunities as men, the world as a whole would be a far better place.

So that's why I bottle mistletoe. It's nurtures my creative side.  It feeds my business brain.  It helps me to know that I am doing something about a problem that is bigger than me, but desperately needs to be solved.

Thanks for reading!




Mistletoe for Malala August 10 2015

It's August and we've had odd rainstorms in Southern California - which will clean the mistletoe for this season's KISSTLETOE® harvest! Mistletoe is a parasite. We prefer the variety that grows on Coastal Oak trees because the leaves are smaller and better for our pretty pendant! We love the transformation of taking a pest and turning it into a lovely!


 I can't really think about Christmas this time of year. But I do dream about the good this pendant will do - if we can meet our goals. It's been wonderful watching the traction of Malala and The Malala Fund. Not long after we chose The Malala Fund as our beacon and purpose for the product, she won the Nobel Peace Prize. It felt like an omen - like we were on to something - like it was right and correct. Which, of course it is.


 So as we start the process of the harvest and creation of these unique globes of mistletoe, we keep her purpose in mind. In fact, just last month in honor of her birthday, we changed our Facebook and Twitter icon to a cornflower - which was her code name ("Gul Makai" CORNFLOWER in Urdu) when she blogged for the BBC - telling the world about her fight to simply go to school and get an education. That simple blog caught the attention of the Taliban. These cowards met multiple times to plot her assassination. She was 14 years old and they were afraid of her power. But what they didn't anticipate was Malala's survival, passion and drive. Malala won. And she continues to win.


 Her efforts to bring hope to thousands of girls, some refugees, some oppressed, and often both, are an inspiration to us.  They give us a reason to bottle mistletoe!


Thanks for reading!

Susan - Maker of Kisstletoe® - REAL Mistletoe pendants

From the Maker of Kisstletoe® July 20 2015


  My name is Susan Winkie and I am the MAKER of Kisstletoe® - Real Mistletoe Pendants.
 Years ago when I first saw mistletoe growing in our local mountain oak trees, I fell in love. I had no idea mistletoe was a parasite, and always wanted to do something with this old tradition.


When the idea of Kisstletoe® was born, I knew that it had to give back. The MALALA FUND was perfect! She is about empowering girls.

Kisstletoe® is fun and playful, but its essence gives girls the power and control of a kiss. A perfect match!


2014 was basically spent figuring out how to bottle mistletoe! We went through many variations before finding the perfect combination of size, sparkle and function!

Kisstletoe® is poised for the 2015 Holiday Season! We truly are a grass roots company - making a difference with a unique product that's playful and meaningful at the same time.