The response has been overwhelming! December 13 2015

We are so thankful for the overwhelming response to our beautiful pendant. I always believed it was lovely, but it is so gratifying to have that validated by others!

Kisstletoe® is handmade. Each one goes through multiple stages before it's ready to wear. 

First we harvest, then we trim, then we dry. Next we preserve, then we trim again, then we cap and clean. Finally we attach it to a necklace and send it off to you! 

We are brand new and small. We are very excited for the upcoming year. You can help us get traction and noticed by following us on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram. 

Don't forget The Malala Fund! We will update you on everything going on with that amazing organization as well as how Kisstletoe® pendants contribute to that cause.

Thank you so very very much!


Susan Winkie - Owner/inventor Kisstletoe®